Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pick a Syndrome

Diana and Actaeon by Titian
Latest unsuccessful coup attempt in Turkey has proven that Erdogan was/is considered a ticking time bomb by many if nothing else. His delusional leadership not only contributed to a destabilized Syria and Iraq but the resulting stream of immigrants threatened to shake the European Union at its core plus helped augment Islamophobia to an unprecedented level in the far corners of the world (USA). When you add the final icing that is his homophobia on the cake, it is not so far fetched to assume many would want him gone.

Apparently two possible endings have been planned (or wished) for him:

The Ceausescu or the Milosevic syndrome.

The failed coup is an indication that an immediate end a la Ceausescu will be tried first. Therefore, it is not so unreasonable to expect another try, though not via a military coup, that will lead to his demise. If that fails, cases of money laundering (Iranian) and being accessory to mass murder in Syria are two candidates to pave the way to Milosevic syndrome.

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