Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Unsuccessful Coup Attempt in Turkey

This time, I am really really outpaced. The thriller we call history rolls with an unprecedented speed. Last week, some elements of Turkish armed forces headed by members of a cult (Fetullahcilar) tried to overthrow the government. By all measures, the coup attempt seems premature and without a solid plan as if it was rushed and executed ahead of schedule. Although some analysts would undoubtedly say the rush was due to a pending legal operation to the cult members of Fetullah or FETO, Fetullah Terror Organization according to Turkish government, we should not forget they were not alone in this endeavor and these additional groups had no reason to rush.

Typically, a successful coup requires
  1. local support or a considerable number of people without an objection to it
  2. rank and file support in especially the army
  3. international support
It was obvious that putchists did not have the first two so I have to assume they had some sort of international support, implied or otherwise. Rather than implicating any group or state, let us write down what we know:

Based on above, it is not difficult to see that a sudden policy shift favoring Russia might have created panic in some circles. This, combined with coming crackdown on the FETO group probably led to the unfortunate chain of events. 

What happens now?

It is not hard to guess that the delusional sectarian leadership of Turkey will use this as an excuse to crush all political dissent while clearing those who were involved with the coup.

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