Friday, January 28, 2011

Word of Mouth or Twitter

Word of mouth or Twitter? Which do you think is worse during a commotion and unrest? Apparently Egyptian government is for the latter, as in order to block access to many social networks they have shut down entire Internet connectivity. I humbly disagree with them and their Internet blackout strategy.

Once being an involuntary element in a few riots, protests etc when I wore a younger man's shoes, I can definitely certify that word of mouth is a terrible thing. Several times, I witnessed a phrase reaching to the tail of a convoy (if I may say so) from its head and the change was beyond recognition. A simple sentence like "Police detained X and released an hour later" turned into a "Police has taken in X and been torturing him for hours." It led to unexpected events.

So, I stand firm. Spoken words vaporize, are taken out of context, are modified and reshaped to no end while the written, in whichever form, even a retweet retain its original value. Mubarak is very likely to regret his decision but unfortunately he does not read my blog. Pity!

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