Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fat Lady: Muslim Brotherhood

Having read some number analyses if the Mubarak regime will hold or what will happen next so and so forth, I can not help but notice most have ignored a key actor in the Egyptian political arena, the Muslim Brotherhood. Opera does not end until fat lady sings and the Brotherhood is Egypt's fat lady despite its activities have been banned for a long time.

Although most on-line figures celebrate joyfully in the name of freedom, I consider them as naively romantic. One should not forget that Brotherhood's ideology is at least partly appealing to a considerable portion of Egyptians as previous Pew research found out, and that ideology is as remote as the South Pole to democracy, human rights and freedom in general.

If Mubarak is overthrown, I predict an authoritarian government in medium term; i.e. an interim government enhancing liberties until elections and Brotherhood rule after the second if not the first election. In any case, I will be glad to see Mubarak go. One less one-man, game has to be played regardless of the cards held.

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