Monday, June 27, 2016

Sultan's Uniformed Dervishes

The sultan dislikes many things. He dislikes education, free-thinkers, people of other religions but his, women, you name it. It was certainly not unexpected he disliked LGBTI, too. So, his governor, a humble servant of the public, despite the previous marches had been uneventful, banned the Pride march to be held 19-26 June, citing following excuse(s):

The organization of a meeting and demonstration march on the mentioned dates will not be allowed by our governorate for the safety of our citizens, first and foremost the participants’ and for public order. The venues for such events have previously been announced by law. We ask our valuable Istanbul residents to not heed such calls and to help the Security Forces by following their warnings and announce it to the public with respect.

To make a long story short, the march was canceled but LGBTI members decided to issue a press release. They really should not have done that. It upset the sultan and made his empty stomach sour. "All they need is discipline," he thought and sent his uniformed dervishes. Below, you see those thugs spreading their gaseous love while shaking their sticks for peace; alternately, you can view the videos of those disgraceful attacks including but not limited to firing rubber bullets, i.e. the whole shebang here.

 Here is an excerpt from press release of Trans Pride March which I wholeheartedly agree:

This argument that began with the excuse of disrespect for the month of Ramadan shows us where those who are not Turkish, Muslim, Sunni and male will stand in this nonsensical New Turkey. This sensibility that imposes their own norm on the totality of society and target those who do not abide by this norm will bring nothing but a massacre for the Kurds, Alevis (Alewites)*, Armenians, Greeks, Roma, LGBTIs, women, laborers and workers.

* Addition mine; as Alewite is the more common name used.

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