Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Frightened Cat in a Bag

Aphrodite and Hephaestus
Only one phrase can accurately describe the delusional leader of the world, the aspiring caliph and the rightful heir to the Ottoman throne Mr. Erdogan: a frightened cat in a bag.

Cornered all around, above and below, inside and out, he tries to get over the traumatizing effects of the recent failed coup by sacking close to 100,000 state officials while more than 10,000 people including academics, soldiers, policemen, businessmen have been jailed for maintaining ties to a terrorist group/cult (FETO) which Erdogan believes is the plotter of the unsuccessful coup attempt.

Despite the fact that he is probably right, it is extremely difficult for an outsider to come to terms with his allegations:

  • He has been ruling Turkey for the last 14 years in a row.
  • It was he who appointed these FETO people in the first place.
  • He and his government almost shamelessly promoted them abroad, provided credibility to their charities, schools, etc through all these years.
  • They were getting along just fine until he and four other ministers were charged for theft, embezzlement, fraud and money laundering in 2013.
  • He wants us to believe thousands of professors, doctors, teachers and business people tried to overthrow his government by force.
  • He brought the same accusation against the peaceful Gezi protesters.
  • His prime minister (Binali Yildirim) claims 60-80% of Turkish armed forces are members of this group. Why didn't they join the coup then?
Yet, he blindly scratches anyone who comes close to question his authority and begs for sympathy. All this proves he cannot empathize at all.

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