Sunday, January 16, 2011

Limit of Sexual Attraction

From psychologists to physicists, many scientists have tried to understand how sexual attraction works. What is the mechanism behind it? Is it sight, smell or something else that is the dominant factor which drives people toward one another? A headmaster in Adana, Turkey might have found the answer.

According to the headmaster (tur.) of Nevid Kodalli School of Fine Arts, the sole determinant in affairs of the heart is distance. He posits that the maximum distance sexual attraction can work is 45 centimeters; at that point he claims, the force of the pull is effectively zero. So, he prohibited students of the opposite sex getting closer than 45 cm to each other.

For the mathematically inclined like myself, we can summarise this hypothesis by revisiting the limit concept where,
  • f denotes the force of sexual attraction,
  • x is the distance in centimeters.
And from this genius policy we can deduce that:

\lim_{x \to 45}f(x) = 0

Hence, the limit of sexual attraction as distance approaches to 45 cm is 0.

This revolutionary discovery, however, has been later denied by both the school master and the Ministery of Education which proves it is right.

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